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Corey Proffitt Studios Massage has been awarded in the massage therapy category multiple times throughout the years. Many clients have left a review of their experience on various online directories, and some have also offered to speak on camera about their experience. You will find links on this page to hear what clients have said about their massage therapy experience.

Corey Proffitt Studios Massage

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Paola R. Avatar
Highly recommend! The whole experience was perfect and could not have been any better especially for a new client. They have outstanding customer service as well. I was able to book a same day massage 2 hours in advance of my appt. The original therapist for my appt had to cancel last minute so Corey himself called me to rectify. He was able to fit me in his schedule within an hour of my original appt and took time to ask about my needs and wants from beginning to end. They have a clinical approach which is what I prefer but they can also provide a spa-like experience. I felt very valued and comfortable as a new client. Corey made every effort to welcome me and make sure I left feeling great. He is very informative and thoughtful of one’s needs. Again, highly recommend!
Paola R.
Rachel Avatar
I work out a lot and massages from Corey Proffit studio are not only relaxing but have helped me with muscle soreness from sports! I highly recommend them as they have a variety of offerings depending on whether you are looking to relax, release muscle soreness etc.
Kristina B. Avatar
I had the best massage from Corey! He’s great at working out problem areas in the most comfortable way possible. He worked on tender muscles without causing me any aches or pains. Because he worked on some tight areas, he made sure to check in with me the next day to make sure I was still doing good. I’m amazed by how great I’m feeling without the “after-effects” that I’ve experienced from massages elsewhere. I have nothing but praises for Corey Proffitt Studios Massage!
Kristina B.
Andrea B. Avatar
My first time there yesterday and Michal was an absolute treasure! She was able to explain any questions I had during the massage and really helped me with my back. Best massage I've had. Highly recommend and I will be back.
Andrea B.
Rosalind C. Avatar
Corey is amazing! Extremely professional and made sure I was comfortable during my entire session! Not only is he wonderful at his craft but is a genuine person! He even contact after my appointment to follow up to see how I was feeling! Cannot wait until my next appointment!
Rosalind C.
Drew M. Avatar
Fantastic experience today at the Corey Proffitt Studios. The atmosphere was relaxed, the therapist (Corey) was extremely professional and kind. I left feeling restored and rejuvenated. Highly recommend. 👌
Drew M.
Abigail B. Avatar
Kara did a great job. My muscles were soooo tight going in. She is really good at what she does. Professional and quite skillful. I booked my next session before I left.
Abigail B.
Laura C. Avatar
Corey is fantastic! So warm and relaxing in his room. I loved the smells too. He took care of me at 38 weeks pregnant and I feel as ready as I can be for labor and delivery. I’ll be back as soon as I can lay face down!
Laura C.
Lisa S. Avatar
Corey is absolutely amazing. I’ve never felt so relaxed. If you’re looking for the real deal, book an appointment with Corey and his team!
Lisa S.
Mahmood Avatar
Corey was awesome. He is a great communicator and is very patient when working with you to make sure you have the best experience possible. The atmosphere and overall experience was very relaxing and relieving.
Kendra M. Avatar
Love! Edit: I had a massage with Michal W. today and she is FANTASTIC. Corey has such a professional practice. Michal was friendly, professional and she literally changed my day by providing much needed pain relief. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
Kendra M.
Sandra M. Avatar
Michal has a wonderful touch and smooth flow. She listened to my needs and addressed my issues. As a massage therapist myself, I can highly recommend her. Thanks, Michal!
Sandra M.
Caelin W. Avatar
I had a wonderful experience with the masseuse, Michal, it was a relaxing time with a great conversation to add on! I would definitely recommend!
Caelin W.
G H. Avatar
Corey Proffitt and his other massage therapists are outstanding! The inviting atmosphere and friendly, professional team immediately let you know your experience will be top-notch. Both Kara and Michal go above and beyond with helping my teenage athlete get relief from sore, tight muscles. They tailor the 60-minute massage sessions to focus on problem areas and welcome feedback to ensure they’re giving the best massage and overall experience possible. I highly recommend for sports massage therapy as well as for relaxation!
G H.
David R. Avatar
Allow yourself to be immersed in a loving, caring therapeutic setting. Corey is absolutely the best in assuring one’s comfort and has the ability to read and adjust the level of intensity as he goes. Incredible professional and holistic massage with multiple modalities to add. Highly recommend Corey.
David R.
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