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So, which massage should you book? We highly recommend the Signature Therapeutic Massage, which is our custom blend of the modalities needed to achieve great results. We customize each massage based on what you need that day, so no two visits are ever exactly the same. We take pride in providing high quality, professional therapeutic massage. Our work is provided in a spa like setting , but is more medical in nature. We specialize in treating acute and chronic pain, assist in rehabilitation, stress and tension management and overall wellness maintenance. We focus on providing the best massage experience along with the best in customer service; a combination for a happier, healthier You.
We also offer optional add-on services such as speciality treatments for your face, hands and feet, speciality creams and balms for pain relief and Intense Muscle Therapy. Intense Muscle Therapy is a form of muscular therapy involving a professional grade massage device. This add on is our most popular and is great for athletes or anyone who prefers deep tissue massage.. Prices for add-ons range from $15 each to $20 each and some of them are seasonal based on product availability. Our number one priority is your wellness and satisfaction. We know there are many options in Lexington for receiving massage therapy and we are happy that you have chosen us. You’ve made a great decision and we look forward to providing you with the best care possible and creating a lasting relationship by earning the privilege to be a part of your health. Our promise to you is a great massage.
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